Government Affairs Accomplishments

I recently spent three weeks on the road where the only time I could be naked was in my hotel room. I missed my morning coffee with a chance to sit down naked and work on the computer. It was a radical change to my daily routine, and I am glad to be home where I can resume my usual morning habits. Many of us don’t get the chance to be naked and free on a regular basis, and that makes our times when we can be nude just a little bit more special. 
The Government Affairs Team (GAT) receives information on proposed laws that can affect our ability to have the nude time we cherish. Freedom from clothes means freedom from pressure to be someone other than ourselves. When laws are proposed that limit where we can be nude, it affects our well-being. These past six months, we have seen how GAT has worked to reduce these proposals, and alert our fellow nudists to how they can make sure laws are not enacted that will limit our nude time. 
AANR-Florida has worked with the Treasure Coast Naturists, The Naturist Action Committee (NAC), South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB), and other naturist groups on the Blind Creek Beach efforts. This is a complex issue with the support of St. Lucie County for nude use on the state-land beach. The situation is a mixture of local support against those who want to enforce a state ban against nude use of beaches. The county is pleased with the nudists, and the community enjoys the financial support the nudist community brings to the local area. AANR and GAT support the efforts and have provided counsel on the issues as they arise. Locally, the lobbyist employed by SFFB and AANR-Florida is working with the legislators in Tallahassee to make sure nudists interests are represented in the efforts in St. Lucie County.
In New York, a team of NAC and GAT members are having a meeting on Lighthouse Beach and discussing how nudists want to return to the beach. This is an issue that requires education of the new superintendent on the support nudists brought to the beach in the past, and why nude use with the support of members is key to its nude use again. The Beach Ambassador program that has been so successful at Haulover Beach in Florida and Bates Beach in California is what we have proposed as the solution to the alleged problems that resulted in the loss of nude use there. 
In the Northwest, we have provided input on the effort in Lacey, Washington, to enact an anti-nudity ordinance that was ill-advised. Efforts of the team and members with local ties in Lacey helped make that action stall early in the legislative process. 
Without the efforts of local volunteers across the continent, we would not have the impact we do on protecting your ability to nude use. GAT supports local action and supports local efforts. It’s everyone’s efforts and diligence in watching for issues that keeps nude use viable.