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The Nudist Traveler

Paradise Gardens 2011

Over the last 3-4 years I have driven two hours from Kentucky to visit Paradise Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a nice setting north of Cincy and the closest club to me. Because of the distance I did not visit often.

Until last year I always enjoyed the visits but last year there were some issues with their customer service. I happily report that that has been resolved. The new management of the club has made visiting a joy again ... even better than before. They are welcoming visitors with extraordinary customer service.

The club was always clean and nice but it seems they have added an extra measure of polish this year. If you have never been there, and you like to swim, the glass enclosed pool is crystal clear and squeaky clean. They have a solar heater and the water temperature was in the 80+ degree range. Very nice for this early in the season (early June).

The rest of the facility is well maintained and very pleasing. They have taken what was very good in the previous years and made it extraordinary.

The grounds are very nice and I usually take a walk on some of the trails and roads through the woods. I can get a little exercise and feel the cool breeze on the hill where the club is built. I met two long term club members with permanent camp sites on my last visit as I walked around the club. They invited me down to the deck by the lake. We chatted for quite a while. They were quite engaging and friendly. But that has been my experience with "real" nudists over the years.

They have a massage therapist available (by advance appointment) and you can get your massage in the gazebo by the lake. If you enjoy massage envision it by the lake in the shade of the gazebo.

Because of the problems last year I thought that I might have to find a new place to visit. After two visits in the last couple of weeks I am looking forward to more visits this summer than ever before.

Check it out ... you will find it one of the nicest clubs anywhere. It is a hidden gem only a few miles north of Cincinnati. You can get more details on their Website .

Highly recommended.

From Barcelona to Madrid

I had the opportunity to travel in Spain and France in the fall of 2009 with a great female friend who is also a fine art nude model. While we were traveling, we took the opportunity to visit several clothing-optional beaches in both Spain and France, but probably the most memorable part of the trip was the drive back from Barcelona to Madrid. After researching Spain's laws pertaining to nudity and discovering that the prevailing attitude is basically "if you aren't offending anybody, nobody will care", we decided to do most of the drive nude. We were driving on the main autoroute for about 3 hours with nothing on but the A/C. The funny thing was that I don't think anybody that we passed, or who passed us, or even the toll-takers actually noticed that we weren't wearing anything. If they did, they didn't show it. We finally got dressed when we had to stop for gas about an hour outside of Madrid. Later that day we found a couple of very cool spots for shooting fine art nude photographs. All in all, one of my most memorable days as a nudist.

Clothing Designer

At 10 years old my only interest was clothes. I traveled all over town on buses to every shopping avenue and widow display. I had discovered that the right clothing could change my mood.I found the general public in a state of greyness and clothes made me happy, that's why they call it obsession, I guess.

Later on I studied making clothes and found if I made a beautiful article I could make others happy, specially women, so I did. I designed for a large population of ladies and their smiles gave me much happiness. In the study of art I found also that clothes weren't important, that form was, and this is why I love being naked.

My body was given by a high power and I should be ashamed by its display and naturalness, I think not! I think it's great for social gatherings, as you meet folks who are new.

The Body

At a very young age I built a fascination with the body, people and relatives were having health problems and only considered doctoring as the cure and never thinking of how they treated this body they inhabited, or their relationship to it. I felt that all my thinking came from inside this container of mine or body as they say.

On examining myself for any distinct change in the outer layers because it gave message to what was going on inside, I had to take care of myself. Doctors I didn't trust, and money seemed to be their focus.

I would be naked in my bath for hours, ate food but shunned the blood of animals. It looked foul, sunned as much as possible and avoided work as much as possible. Being a kid, of course, and never ashamed of my body, it held the world for me.

After a time I gained interest in Art. Renascamento and Michelangelo interested me and his depictions of heaven and his Pieta and his anatomical forms, and now older I still feel the same.I lost all shame and its falsity.


I was in Osaka,Japan, to design textiles, the work long and of high detail. One evening, searching the hotel, I came upon a bath house. I peeked and saw a sparkling room of white tile, tile tables were set up all over with large pools of ice water in the floor. I entered and there were men speaking of the day's gains.

Respectfully, I was told, strip and shower, of course I did. It was a great 3 hours, nude and speaking to Japanese nudists about profits and loss after a scrub massage and miso soup. They told me to come back the next night for poker and sushi Sunday. What great nudists they were nightly.