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Located just a 10-minute drive from five-star beach resorts and some of world's most expensive real estate, Little Beach is a quiet oasis where families mingle with surfers, couples, and an eclectic group that seems like refugees from the 1960s.

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Posted November 25, 2014 09:35 pm

a special day in the sun

My husband and I have been visiting Maui once a year for the last ten years and always spend one day of our week at this special place. We are in our late 40s/early 50s and have learned to visit during the week and to stay away from the bigger and less naked visitors on the weekend.

We experienced another wonderful nude day with many other nudists enjoying the water and sun. the crowd consist of mostly couples and some singles but everyone at the beach were very friendly and respectful of our space. we enjoy the company and conversation of other nudists, mixed with locals and other vacationers and are always amazed by the nude experience of Little Beach.

We depart more relaxed and recharged from the freedom of our bodies in the open air and sun. It is always the highlight of our trip to Maui.

Posted June 25, 2013 12:51 am

A vision of Lovliness

On my first and only visit to Little Beach, I was a strapping young man in my early 20s and I was standing naked at the waters edge, when a gorgeous young naked woman stood up about 40' from the shore and began walking directly toward me. She got about 10 feet from me and started to smile when a rogue wave hit her from behind and pitched her face down between my feet. She raised her head, looked up at me, and the only thought stuck in my head was one there are signs about all over Hawaii. I said " Never turn your back on the Ocean.". She laughed and her boyfriend stepped from behind me and they ran up the beach. My Vision of Lovliness lasted but a few seconds but I can still picture her today rising out of that water like Venus herself. 30 years ago and it seems like yesterday.

Posted June 7, 2013 11:06 pm

2005 visit

My husband & I visited Little Beach in 2005 when we travelled to Maui for our wedding. It was our first visit to a "nude" beach and we were in our late 50s at the time. It was absolutely wonderful! Forget what you look like and just enjoy. The beach is beautiful; people are respectful and it was so freeing to be totally nude in the sunshine. I recommend it highly; make the trip; do the unthinkable and enjoy the freedom.

Haven't done anything nude since, but would love to. My friends can't believe me when I tell them how beautiful and wonderful it was. My kids don't know. Hee, hee--if they only knew!

Posted January 12, 2012 12:53 am

Love Little Makena

My wife and I spent some of our honeymoon there in 1999 and then we enjoyed another trip back there this past spring of 2011. We went there two afternoons, interestingly returning early from a trip to Hana just to get to spend more time on that wonderful beach. That happened to be on a Sunday evening and we did enjoy the festivities, the drum circle and dancing naked in the moonlight!

Posted January 9, 2011 02:13 pm

A Trip to Little Beach

I was very pleased with my trip to Little Beach when I took a cruise to Hawaii and rented a car so that I could drive there. Given the chance I would go again and again. I wish that I had more time to have stayed the whole day or that I hadn't left to drive to Hana. The entire island held magnificent beaches but nothing beats the atmosphere of the folks you meet at a nudist location. One thing I learned is that I would not take as much stuff with me as I did. When I made the trip I was having arthritis in my knees and carrying 2 bags. Many people offered to help me over the rocks. I made it to 3 nude beaches on my trip and this was certainly the warmest and the most friendly. It was also so beautiful and pleasant that it was a true highlight.

Posted January 6, 2011 08:30 pm

First Time at Little Beach

My first time at Little Beach was 1980 and I have been going back year after year at approximately the same time, meeting many of the same people.

The first day we started at the edge of Little Beach just as we came down the hill from Big Beach. The next day we went a little farther down the beach and then we found our spot in the middle of the beach. We arrived mid-morning and on most days stayed until after 5:00pm.

We like snorkeling in the morning when the ocean can be a little more calm and playing in the ocean in the afternoon when the waves may be a little higher.

It is great to see families down on the beach enjoying their time together.

We, like many others, take a picnic and book, read for a while and jump in the ocean to cool off. When it is really hot you can find us at the edge of the water reading and having the warm Maui water cool us down.

There is nothing quite like Little Beach warm water, watching the whales and the view of Molokini.