Fun in the Sun

Fun in the sun for us means naked fun! And your ability to enjoy public lands in the nude is what Government Affairs fights to protect. This year, we have been lucky so far in the number of bills brought up where nude use has been mentioned. In fact, it has been our observation that protection of individuals from drones has been more important to legislators than nude use of public lands. That is a refreshing place to be. 
Elsewhere in The Bulletin, you will read where AANR-Northwest GAT has used their partnership at Collins Beach on Sauvie Island and Rooster Rock to keep nudists in a positive light with the park rangers. It’s now warm enough for outdoor time for most of our clubs and public lands. Take the time to enjoy the freedom of nude use whenever you can. 
In AANR-West, we have 5K runs coming up and, for some of us, that means training for those runs. Get out of the gym and onto the trails. Our local club, Laguna del Sol, has a great running path from the pool areas down to a small river nearby. It is always fun to take the trail down to the river before the days get too hot. Once we get down to the river, there is also a great nude beach. In the summer you will sometimes encounter folks who have come through the nearby vineyards and are also enjoying the river on the “textile side.” I have never heard of problems arising from the dual-use area. These are the kinds of encounters with our textile brethren that make nude use just a part of the normal use pattern for our waterways. 
My local travel clubs just wrapped up our indoor nude swims as we bid goodbye to colder weather in northern California and welcome outdoor trips. During the winter, news articles reporting on the outcry – really only a minor outcry – to nude use of indoor facilities got some media coverage. We have been using private clubs for our indoor swims for years. Like most of the other clubs, we don’t advertise our events outside of our membership. It’s our goal to find that happy medium where knowledge of a swim doesn’t create a negative reaction. GAT likes to use these as teaching moments and we saw some positive comments on skinny-dipping. So this month let’s take it outside and welcome summer.