AANR Use in Parks

Last month I touched on local initiatives that members can become involved with supporting. I received an email from a member who directed me to an article in the Sun Sentinel about U.S. Bill S. 751/H.R. 2584 (www.touch.sun-sentinel.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-94429865/).   
On the surface, it appears the intent is to create a steady income source that the National Park Service can use to catch up on deferred maintenance items throughout the park system. The interesting thing I see in this bill are provisions to use matching funds from other sources, such as public donations, to move items into a higher priority for action. While nothing in this relates directly to nude use, a matching funds designation may give us an inroad to getting designation. We can work with our local parks to see what they want funded and see if we can find a source that will help us. 
I live in California and California State Parks have at least one community-based group, the California State Parks Foundation, where we donate in support of keeping the parks funded. Partnerships like AANR and the California State Parks Foundation could work together to get those Federal Parks administered by the state matching funds. Personally, I’d like to see funding for things like access to parking for the currently unofficial nude use area at the American River Canyon area outside Auburn, California. How do we do that? We have to be involved locally. We have to be volunteers with these groups to get our priorities to be their priorities. 
There are numerous parks, Playalinda in Florida, for example where we already have a nude-use area. Florida is active in promoting nude visitors and nudists can use many parks there. Park user groups support public lands that include nude use. At Haulover Beach, the South Florida Free Beaches group is an excellent example of a local group that supports nude use by its ongoing Beach Ambassadors Program and local involvement. Let’s use that model to partner with a local park and see if we can use local donations to help move improvement projects up on the list of priorities.